Coming from abroad? You’re welcome!

Soon we will have more information.

What is this all about?

We are hosting three different races:

We are waiting for you on 21st March of 2020.

Keep reading for more information or just go to registration.

Do you know Los Alcázares yet?

This beautiful town is one of the main turistic sites of the region, for its wonderful beaches and for having one of the most important centers for the practice of acuatic sports.

The Town Council is compromised with the celebration of all type of sports, and several athletic tests take place every year. Los Alcázares even hosted the 2016 100 km World Championship.

How to come

If you come from abroad, the closest airports are Murcia-Corvera and Alicante-Elche. From any of them, you can rent a car or use the public transport to reach Los Alcázares.

Los Alcázares is also connected by bus with major regional and national cities.

This is the address of the start of the race: Avenida de Los Narejos, in front of Hotel Costa Narejos; Los Alcázares. If you come by road, please refer to a navigation aid for itineraries and further help.


Los Alcázares offers a variety of lodging options the whole year, but there are less options in Spring that in our sunny Summer.

Our favourite option is the «CTD INFANTA CRISTINA«, an installation from the Autonomous Community of Murcia, designed for the development and practice of sports in general and water sports in particular. It is open to everyone, and while one may not find all the commodities found in regular hotels, you’ll probably find many other ahtletes and will be surrounded by a sporting spirit. You’ll find more information in their web page:

You can also find hotels and apartments in your favourite travel web. The Town Hall has compiled a list of lodging options you may consider:

Races information


The race will occurr besides the La Torre Field, in the southern part of Los Alcázares.


The new circuit is 5000 meters long. Runners of the full Marathon will make eight laps plus 2195 meters, runners of the Half Marathon will make four laps plus 1097 meters, and runners of the 10k race will make two laps.

Note that the races have different starting points. For the Half Marathon and the 10k race the start is in front of La Torre Field, while for the Marathon the race starts a few meters down the road.


We welcome runners of (almost) any age! We have twelve (12!) age groups, from Junior (18 y/o) to Master 75 (75 y/o and beyond). For the full Marathon we are allowing six hours to finish the race, even when many other major marathons are closing earlier.

Note: Junior category is not available in the full Marathon race.


We are giving away a ton of trophies:

  • For the first three (m/f) of the absolute category.
  • For the first three (m/f) of each age category.
  • Finisher medal, if you finish your race of course.

And that for all three races. Make numbers! More than two hundred trophies plus the medals. You may get a trophy even if you never expected to. You are warned! And sorry, if you don’t stay to collect your trophy, we can’t sent it to you.